HU Fintech Lab

Our missions to achieve our vision

Teach fintech

HUFL was founded in 2020 as part of the Honours program of the Institute of International Business at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. HU Fintech Lab consist of a community of students eager to discover the world of fintech.

Create a hands on experience

Within HU Fintech Lab, students work in groups on startup projects in the fintech space. They are assisted with this by the Danish fintech startup Aryze. Do you want to see what the students are working on right now? Click the link down below to learn more!

Encourage taking action

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Our Partners

HUFL engages with different organizations to provide its students with skills and experience directly from the work field. Most of our partners provide guest lectures or trainings on new disruptive technologies like blockchain. Others work more closely together with HUFL to provide case studies and personal guidance.

The future is now